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Quickly boost conversions with AR shopping

Whether your customers are picking out new appliances or upgrading their audio system, they’re more likely to convert quickly if they can see exactly how products look and fit. LEVAR clients regularly see a 2X boost in conversions when they add AR to their product pages.

Put your products in your customers hands (and homes)

There is no substitute for “View in Room” technology. When your customers can see your products right in their homes, offices, or wherever they’ll be used, they convert faster and with more confidence.

Get more out of your marketing channels

Improve every stage of the consumer buying process with enhanced AR and 3D content that engages your shoppers—from product pages to feature highlights to SMS and email.

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Track and Measure Your Success

With LEVAR’s AR-Commerce Analytics dashboard, you can track insights while watching your sales grow. Once you’ve integrated you can include your AR and 3D products in email, social media, and other channels for additional tracking and success.


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