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The entire LEVAR team has been great to work with. They quickly turn out great 3D models to use on our website which always helps with conversions. When we tell customers about this AR feature, they always love it, so very glad to have this. I recommend this app, especially if you have products that take up space, which will help customers envision in theirs.

Put your products where they belong—outside

With LEVAR’s AR and 3D platform, you can deliver “view in your space” experiences for your customers, no matter where they are. Let them try your outdoor products where they should be—outside!

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LEVAR integrates with most major eCommerce platforms so getting started is fast and easy. No apps, no coding, and no wasted time or resources for your team.

Optimize every marketing channel

Improve every stage of the consumer buying process with enhanced AR and 3D content that engages your shoppers—from product pages to feature highlights to SMS and email.

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Track and Measure Your Success

With LEVAR’s AR-Commerce Analytics dashboard, you can track insights while watching your sales grow. Once you’ve integrated you can include your AR and 3D products in email, social media, and other channels for additional tracking and success.


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