9FIVE Launches Virtual Try-On With LEVAR


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(comparing LEVAR VTO to prior 12 months)


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Founded in 2014, 9FIVE is a leading luxury eyewear brand with a focus on high quality materials, stylish designs and high-end customer experience. 9FIVE is proud to provide the world’s finest handmade luxury sunglasses and prescription eyewear and leads the industry in stylish, trend-setting designs.

9FIVE implemented Virtual Try-On to remove the guesswork out of online shopping

The company recognized early on in their shift to eCommerce that the try-on component was crucial to providing a powerful customer experience. Giving shoppers an easy way to see whether certain styles suited their unique facial features and personal style was a driving factor in adopting augmented reality and virtual try-on technology.

Virtual Try-On helps 9FIVE bring unique shopping technologies to their customers

LEVAR is a top provider of virtual try-on technology, with hyper-realistic 3D product models and exact to scale augmented reality execution. Our Virtual Try-On clients see rapid boosts in customer engagement, conversion rates and reduced returns (a common issue for online-only retailers of physical products). As an industry, eyewear has a lot of new designs and creative companies, but the fundamentals of the product and experience have remained largely unchanged for decades.

LEVAR VTO helps 9Five cross-sell existing customers and improve LTV

Virtual Try-On helps 9FIVE bring all their customers a personalized experience—from top-of-funnel new shoppers to returning users. Virtual Try-On has enabled 9FIVE to attract new customers who are unfamiliar with how the frames will fit their personal look as well as give returning customers a sneak peak into new colors and styles as they come out. In the three months since 9FIVE launched with LEVAR, they have seen some impressive results in their conversion rate, sales and return on AR spend (what we call R.O.A.R.S).

Without LEVAR

  • With only photos and video, customers need to imagine what having their products will be like.
  • Limited assets to utilize for marketing purposes.
  • Shopping experience is expected and does not stand out over the competition.
  • Standard site traffic does not end in a conversion.


  • AR brings the products to your customer's space and have proved to show improved engagement.
  • AR/3D improve results on your marketing channels.
  • Use of AR on your product page increases the likelihood of users returning to your site by 4x.
  • 3D/AR users convert 2x standard site traffic.
Quotation mark

For eyewear, the pain point is helping customers experience how a pair of glasses look on their face without physically trying them on. Augmented reality helps us do just that, which makes a massive difference for our shoppers.

- Jon Cradduck, COO of 9FIVE
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