Artiplanto Sets a New Standard for Augmented Reality in the Artificial Plant Market


(Return on AR Spend)


LTV – AR Users
(vs without)


Conversion Rate Increase – AR Users
(vs without)


Total Sales Increase
(vs before LEVAR)

Founded in 2019, Artiplanto is one of the fastest-growing artificial plant and decor companies in the world. Artiplanto has seen phenomenal results with the addition of augmented reality and 3D to their eCommerce site so far, including improved sales numbers and increased time-on-site.

Artiplanto implemented AR and 3D to support at all stages of the customer buying journey

From top-of-the-funnel customer acquisition to conversions to ongoing customer loyalty – LEVAR improves the customer experience. Moreover, because Artiplanto’s products are often large and bulky to ship, augmented reality and 3D are a great fit for helping their customers better understand size, scale and shipping requirements.

In month one, Artiplanto saw a $60k boost in sales volume

from LEVAR-activated products (products with AR and 3D activations on their product detail page), a huge boost! They also saw 33% of visitors who activated products in AR make a purchase of at least one item within 3 months. As they add more product mix to their AR experience, we’re excited to see the return on AR spend grow even further.

LEVAR Marketing API improves browse, checkout abandon, and retargeting flows

Artiplanto chose LEVAR as their AR/3D platform because of their need for and LEVAR’s dedication to hyper-realistic 3D art as well as our multi-channel delivery platform. With LEVAR, they were able to not only get the highest resolution 3D and augmented reality product models, but also an easy way to get those models in the hands of their customers through their product page, blog, email, SMS and social channels. A win-win for everyone.

Without LEVAR

  • With only photos and video, customers need to imagine what having their products will be like.
  • Limited assets to utilize for marketing purposes.
  • Shopping experience is expected and does not stand out over the competition.
  • Standard site traffic does not end in a conversion.


  • AR brings the products to your customer's space and have proved to show improved engagement.
  • AR/3D improve results on your marketing channels.
  • Use of AR on your product page increases the likelihood of users returning to your site by 4x.
  • 3D/AR users convert 2x standard site traffic.
Quotation mark

We chose LEVAR because they were able to provide a custom AR experience that matched our brand. Because of the exceptional ROI, we are using LEVAR across all products on our new Rugmeup.com Rugs site.

- Alex Popa, Artiplanto CEO
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