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We helped 9Five generate an extra $75k with our Virtual Try-On


Conversion Rate Increase with LEVAR

(7.9% vs. 3.89% in prior year)


of all sales engaged with a LEVAR experience


in sales from LEVAR activated products

(first 2 months)

Most marketing approaches are just variations on old tactics, whereas AR, 3D and VTO are allowing us to be the innovators in how customers view, shop for, and share our products.

– Jon Cradduck, 9FIVE COO

We helped 9Five generate an extra $75k with our Virtual Try-On

How it works

  • Customer lands on the product / variant that they are interested in
  • Customer clicks Try On CTA
  • Levar instantly scans the customers face and places the glasses

Leverage Virtual Try-On across all of your marketing channels

LEVAR Virtual Try-On subscription unlocks our full funnel AR Marketing Playbook—including Virtual Try-On, custom Spotlight 3D Landing Pages, Abandoned Cart Email and SMS integration, and 3D / AR Retargeting Ads.

Virtual Try-On is easier than ever

The results are in — Virtual Try-On for eyewear is easier and more effective than ever for improving conversion rates for online glasses retailers. Augmented Reality-powered-try-on experiences have moved from humorous social media filters to functional commerce experiences.

LEVAR is a top provider of virtual try-on technology, with hyper-realistic 3D product models and exact to scale augmented reality execution. Our Virtual Try-On clients see rapid boosts in customer engagement, conversion rates and reduced returns (a common issue for online-only retailers of physical products).

If your eyewear brand — glasses, sunglasses, blue light glasses, or fashion eyewear — is interested in a customized demo, you can book one here:

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Elevate Your Customer Experience With Virtual Try-On

While it was made popular by large brands (think makeup try-ons from Maybelline and L’Oreal), virtual try-on is now accessible to smaller retailers without a massive investment or website customization.

LEVAR’s virtual Try-On experience can be up and running in a matter of 1-2 weeks, with minimal implementation and just a few products to start. (You can find pricing details here). Your customers can try-on sunglasses, eyewear, hats or other headwear directly from your product page.

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