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When you send emails using Klaviyo, you want to maximize your clicks, open rate, and revenue. LEVAR helps businesses drive more email and SMS engagement by implementing dynamic augmented reality and 3D product visualization in any email or flow you send. It’s easy, fast, and effective!

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Grow Your Brand with Interactive Content

Showcase your product’s uniqueness through engaging product visuals across all of your marketing channels. Enabling shoppers to view, try on and experience your product in their space increases conversions, reduces returns while helping to distinguish your brand as an industry leader.

Build an Abandoned Cart Flow that Converts

Get the most out of your existing Klaviyo triggered flows by including a dynamic 3D and AR experience. Once you have your 3D models created and set live through LEVAR, it only takes a few lines of code added to your emails before driving your shoppers towards a more engaging and customized shopping experience.

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Engage with your customers through product-focused SMS campaigns

Share your dynamic 3D and AR products through SMS and start two-way conversations with your customers. You can easily integrate your LEVAR 3D and AR models into your existing Klaviyo SMS campaigns to highlight sales, promotions and limited-time offers.

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Connect LEVAR With Klaviyo

Klaviyo is one of the most widely used ESPs by independent businesses, and in under two minutes, you can connect your LEVAR 3D product feed with your Klaviyo account.

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Create an Account

Signing up is free. Within the LEVAR dashboard, you can load your products and variants in one place before choosing where to begin digitization. Our sales and 3D art team are standing by to help you once you’re ready.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Start building out your digitized assortment with just one product. Either add a 3D and AR activation, include a custom dynamic button, or embed the 3D Player to your site. It’s that easy.

Advertise Your 3D Products in Newsletters

Using Klaviyo’s data feed tool and LEVAR’s dashboard, quickly add your 3D collection to any email. Connecting the platforms is simple and including your 3D product models in more emails drives a more immersive shopping experience that converts. In under 10 minutes, you can promote your unique products for a more memorable and more effective marketing flow.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The integration was fast and simple. We were up and running in a week. I got several video chats with the team to address all my questions and ideas for improvement. Our products are very visual and hands on, and so having a functioning AR is key to help the customer visualize online. I’ve been trying to find a way to get AR on Shopify for 3 years, and finally we have an app that knocks it out of the park.”

Aaron Powell
Bunch Bikes Founder and CEO

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